Digi Leaders 2021: what’s next in public sector?

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3 min readMar 16, 2021


Collaboration, discussion and knowledge sharing is how we can truly improve public services. Therefore, the recent 5-dayDigiLeaders’virtual event, known as Insight Live: Public Sector, truly spoiled us with a range of webinar talks from key figures within the industry. Invaluable insights were provided on hot topics and thought-provoking questions were posed on how to rebuild the country after the pandemic.

From smart cities and cyber security to Govtech and healthcare services, the spectrum of conversation was expansive, especially since the virtual event had over 105 speakers in attendance. Yet, what was particularly striking in all the webinars that I attended was a clear consensus that technology and digital solutions are now having a huge impact on the everyday running of government departments and related agencies.

To add to that, the technology led but human-driven approach has seen multiple benefits across industries. Accountability and transparency were certainly buzzwords that were frequently used by speakers. Ultimately, many concluded that digital solutions enhanced traceability and encouraged citizen engagement.

Some interesting insights from speakers on the different sectors:

  • Govtech — Chris Holmes, Parliamentarian in the House of Lords, explained: “We are definitely living through a time whereby finances are extraordinarily tight. Therefore, I believe we need, and that we must, carefully and in a considered manner deploy technology to our benefit. We can then re-imagine and re-allocate resources to our benefit.”
  • Edtech — Steve Riley OBE, University of Cambridge, and Kuldip Sandhu, Director of Innovative Quality Solutions, explored tech in Higher Education. Kuldip explained that iterative agile change, which gives incremental value, combined with using technology and digital means, would be a great way to engage and bring value for students.
  • Healthtech — Ignatius O’Doherty, Chief Strategy Officer in Digital Shared Services (Northern Ireland) noted that in his whole career, he has never seen this much focus on digital resources and data. All departments are now looking to expedite technology to ultimately transform patient care.

A key theme throughout for all, was about putting the person at the centre of the digital agenda and making sure that technology caters to the new needs of every individual. Technology should therefore be used as a tool to support ethical purposes such as reducing loneliness in the elderly, improving social care and protecting the environment by preventing climate change.

If you’re thinking about taking part in the next event then we caught up with one of our clients after the event to see what they had to say:

“Acceleration of digital engagement within the public sector is high on the agenda. Collaborating with and being part of Digi-Leaders Insight Live Week provides the perfect platform to keep those discussions in the spotlight, sharing insights and showcasing innovative solutions that provide cost and efficiency savings whilst putting #CitizensFirst”

Kudos to Digital Leaders for another great event. Be sure to sign up for the next!



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