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In 2020, we saw the education sector fully embrace edtech, as primary and secondary schools, and further and higher education, moved online.

During the first national lockdown, educators across the country raced to shift lessons online. And, as we kicked off the academic year in September, many universities opted for a blended learning approach — a mix of online and face-to-face lessons — in a bid to attract students back to campus.

With England now in its third national lockdown, there is no doubt that online learning will remain a key feature of the 2021 educational landscape.

SMEs winning edtech…

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The management of our deaths is a big civil service concern. Dealing with death, the pathway toward it, and the aftermath of it, we brush against many public sector touchpoints. Administratively, our deaths are the responsibility of our legal and governmental bodies. Emotionally and procedurally, the responsibility is all ours, and that’s a heavy burden. Nobody ever wants to make death harder than it is, so it makes sense that technology would step up and provide solutions, no?

Death tech hasn’t made the giant strides of sunshine that its opposite number, healthtech has made in the last 200 years. Coffins are still coffins, embalming, cremation, it’s all still a thing. Nissan launched an electric hearse in 2017. Before that, the last ‘blow your mind death innovation’ (in my opinion) was the little known London Necropolis Railway, an actual train leaving from a Potter-like special platform at Waterloo, carrying the dead and their grieving relatives to the out of town purpose built Brookwood Cemetery. This morbid package trip was created by an Act of Parliament to move dealing with death out of London, to make space for life, and much of our public sector tech since has thrived under that directive. …

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Mantis works with OrCam, one of the world’s 38 healthtech unicorn companies. Our Managing Director Eleanor Willock spoke to Tsachi Moshinsky, OrCam’s UK Director, to find out what this year has been like for him, and whether being part of a unicorn business affects his sales and marketing strategy.

I first met Tsachi almost a year ago. When I say first met, obviously, I’ve never met him. He’s based in Israel and this is 2020. We spoke on video call, a lot, and he engaged Mantis to run his UK PR campaign, working with over 20 agencies worldwide. He’s on my list of people I have never met, yet can’t wait to have a drink with. …


Mantis PR team

The Mantis team provides PR and communication services to technology companies selling to the UK public sector.

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