The European Commission recently published ‘Horizon Europe’ — its first strategic plan for 2021–2024 which will ‘act as a compass to stay on course’ with its climate neutral and digital objectives for the block.

The plan heralds ‘sizeable financial investments to support digital transformations’ — and calls out health as one of its key clusters.

What does this mean for the future of digital health in Europe, and how does this compare with the UK’s priorities as it charts its own path?

A commitment to digital

The plan calls out six expected impacts for the health cluster, and perhaps the…

As BusinessCloud reveals its MedTech 50 and HealthTech 50 innovation rankings for 2021, we ask ourselves if or when we’ll see the complete merger and end of this market division.

The MedTech 50 celebrates businesses helping to directly diagnose and treat conditions, mainly in a clinical setting such as a hospital, and other biotechnology companies.

The HealthTech 50 focusses on companies creating tech for personal and preventative healthcare, as well as GP practice management and messaging platforms.

We’ve often thought of healthtech as being the back-office function, whilst medtech directly impacts a clinical outcome. As an agency, we still draw…

As of 2018, Research England says that approximately 3,000 IP-based UK university spinouts had been created. And, spurred on by the pandemic, university spinouts are on the increase in the UK — providing a wide range of additional services and solutions while maintaining a strong link to their higher education and general public sector roots.

Investment in commercial ventures run by university academics has also grown. Parkwalk Advisors, a growth fund manager backing UK university spinouts, says that the amount invested into these types of companies grew from £1.07 billion in 2019 to £1.11bn in 2020. …

Tussell has released a report on the UK healthtech market, analysing the trends and opportunities in the provision of healthcare technology to the public sector. It has revealed some interesting findings into healthtech spending across the UK and where the opportunities lie for businesses in the sector to work with healthcare bodies.

The rise and rise of healthtech

One of the positive findings for suppliers is that public spending on healthtech continues to increase year on year. Q1 to Q3 of 2020 saw healthcare spending on IT and technology firms reach £1.34bn, compared to just over £1.3bn over the same…

In this new healthtech podcast, our own Eleanor Willock talks to Joe Stringer, partner from Octopus Ventures about investment in healthtech, medtech, digital health and a whole blurring of the lines!

Joe specifically focusses on investment in healthtech with the aim of improving one billion lives using the best healthtech from across Europe.

Key take-aways:

  • A lot of people and companies run away from public healthcare systems, but one of the key things for us is to embrace the opportunity that amazing healthcare systems like the NHS can provide
  • The NHS is one of the largest untapped markets in…

In our latest podcast, ‘PR and the investor lifecycle’, Mantis’ Rebecca Paddick and Eleanor Willock shine a light for tech companies on the positive UK conditions for raising capital and what the opportunities and hurdles are in 2021.

If you’re raising money, or thinking about raising money in 2021, this is a must-listen episode.

You will hear from

  • Neil Shah, technology sector specialist at the London Stock Exchange giving his take on a recent TechNation report, and how PR plays a part in raising capital,
  • Monika Radclyffe, Centre Director at SETsquared Bristol, on what incubators look for when supplying capital…

This week, the Government Communication Service (GCS) launched its communications plan for 21/22, setting out UK Government Communications objectives and priorities for the year ahead.

This is the PR plan and stakeholder engagement strategic overview for the UK. It’s essential reading for any Govtech supplier looking to work with any department or entity on a customer basis.

Essentially, this plan sets out the blueprint for our possible avenues of engagement with government.

It provides Govtech PR teams with an insight into what the overall civil service communications narratives will be and the potential areas where their support may be needed…

Another day, another virtual event. Last week, I attended the Rewired Conference 2021: Digital Health, a conference dedicated to bringing together decision makers with established healthtech brands and start-ups. The event organisers certainly did not disappoint as one of the keynote speakers was Secretary of State, Matt Hancock, who gave an interesting and forward-looking address on how the Government aims to merge and integrate technology into the healthcare sector. Below, I have summarised his five main points:

Firstly, Matt Hancock noted how we needed to digitise more of the NHS, with the goal of ensuring that no-one is left behind…

Minister Oliver Dowden MP has just launched DCMS’s top 10 #TechPriorities for the UK. You can watch the video here, and read all 10 on the new dedicated microsite here.

Lack of space tech aside, they’re not rocket science, they’re sensible, general and, hopefully achievable pockets of UK tech excellence that will make most tech vendors, and specific govtech businesses breathe a sigh of relief at their chosen speciality being covered.

But, where’s the PR opportunity? How can we be part of this narrative? And should we?

  1. Better integrated comms with DCMS itself, and other government departments — this is…

Collaboration, discussion and knowledge sharing is how we can truly improve public services. Therefore, the recent 5-dayDigiLeaders’virtual event, known as Insight Live: Public Sector, truly spoiled us with a range of webinar talks from key figures within the industry. Invaluable insights were provided on hot topics and thought-provoking questions were posed on how to rebuild the country after the pandemic.

From smart cities and cyber security to Govtech and healthcare services, the spectrum of conversation was expansive, especially since the virtual event had over 105 speakers in attendance. …

Mantis PR team

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